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Glinz Grain LLC:

Glinz Grain LLC provide grain storage for clients across North Dakota and beyond, with 20 years experience offering grain drying, cleaning, grading, transport and associated services. The facility provides storage for both multinational corporations and individual farmers.


Grain Types:

Glinz Grain LLC has capacity for over 4 million bushels of grain storage. Many types of grain can be provided for, including: Barley, Corn, Canola, Durum, Field Peas, Oats, Rye, Soybeans, Sunflowers (NuSun & high oleic), Confection sunflowers, Wheat and Dry Distillers Grain. Please contact us for other grain types.


Grain Care:

Glinz Grain LLC is a commercial warehouse bonded facility that ensures Identity Preserved grain. Inbound and outbound grain can be hydraulically probed, grain graded and weighed on our 115ft state certified scale. Full paperwork is provided with custom tickets available if required. Grain storage is available in 60,000, 75,000 or 105,000 bushel bins with full floor aeration and 3 phase fans. Flat storage is also available.



Glinz Grain LLC is located in Pingree, North Dakota. Located half a mile from paved road, the storage facility is 15 miles north of Jamestown on Highway 281, with fast access to routes east and west via the I94. This allows unrestricted year-round loads.


Grain drying, storage and transport based in North Dakota
Elevator Tel/Fax: 701-252-1344
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Glinz Grain LLC 7711 21½ ST SE, Pingree, ND 58476